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Working Parties

Listed below are the main working parties associated with the BIM Task Group.

Training and Education

The Training and Education work package aims to provide a long-term strategy to address the UK’s inconsistent supply of BIM awareness and skills across the sector to support the Government’s Level 2 BIM ambition for 2016. In addition, the group has a remit to develop a short-term approach to address the skills and knowledge for BIM implementation on the Government’s early adopter projects during 2012.

The Training and Education working group has defined the construction sector’s key stakeholders and systems for learning and training itself; and has started to socialise with key stakeholders a proposed strategy for raising BIM awareness and skills across the sector – supporting the Government’s Level 2 BIM ambition for 2016. In addition, the group proposes a fortnightly series of BIM Briefing Sessions as a short-term approach to provide the skills and knowledge required for the Government’s early adopter projects during 2012.

COBie data set requirements

The work-package is documenting COBie 2.4 for use in the UK. This involves amplifying the purposes identified in the UK Government BIM Strategy and then identifying the data required to support these purposes.

COBie-UK-2012 is ready to use, and a simple example is available: it is already in use on the UK Government pilots and at Vinci Construction plc for both buildings and infrastructure projects. It is identical to version 2.4 which was adopted in the US in December 2011, with the following localisations:

  1. UK classification tables including project phase classification on the Picklist sheet
  2. Progress metrics and assessments on the Introduction sheet.The documentation is being expanded to act as a guide for Client side and Design/Supply side users.

Example mappings of the COBie data from IFC and to PlanetFM, CoST, IFC andEPIMS have been demonstrated. Reports for traditional O&M handbooks and for Whole Life assessments have been shown.

Plan of Works

The Construction Industry Council, Plan of Works group is tasked with achieving and communicating a collective understanding amongst the Professional Institutions of BIM, the likely impacts and, the process changes required for the adoption of BIM working practices.

As part of its work with the Training and Education task group it is working to influence the education and training programmes accredited by the Professional Institutions such that future recruits are able to meet future low carbon and BIM demands?

The CIC BIM Forum is engaging with their member organisations which produce a “plan of work” or “schedule of services” – CIC, RIBA, BSRIA, RICS, ICE, ACE.  The organisations are co-ordinating as members of CIC on how to make changes such that plans of work are aligned and present a consistent message about the information outcomes required by the government client at each stage of project development.

The opportunity to develop a single, industry recognized Plan of Work is being reviewed.

BIM Technologies Alliance

In response to the Government Construction Strategy, and following a request from the BIM Task Group to create a single group for BIM vendors and other technology providers, the BIM Technologies Alliance has been established specifically to support and assist the Government’s BIM Steering Group, the BIM implementation team.

The BIM Technologies Alliance is an independent, open and non-product specific group facilitated by CIRIA and focused on providing generic advice and support to Government. The alliance objectives are:

  • To engage with the development of the Government BIM strategy and respond to any technical requirements that may arise from the strategy development and implementation work
  •  To offer technical and implementation guidance to the BIM Steering Group and Implementation Team and to provide non-proprietary support to those implementing the strategy
  •   To capture any requirements that may emerge from the BIM Steering Group and to endeavour to deliver any required technical changes in BIM products and services to support the Government strategy
  •  To offer non-proprietary technical and implementation guidance to supply side companies in support of the Government strategy
  •  To provide a mechanism for alliance members to understand and align with Government aspirations and strategy for BIM and effective project delivery
  •  To represent the broad interests of the alliance members to the Government’s BIM Steering group with one voice

Further details can be found by clicking on our presentation

CIRIA is the construction industry research and information association. Operating across market sectors and disciplines CIRIA delivers a programme of business improvement services and research activities for members and those engaged with the delivery and operation of the built environment. CIRIA is an independent member based, not-for-profit association

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UK Contractors Group

The UK Contractors Group (UKCG) is the primary association for contractors operating in the UK, representing over 30 leading contractors operating in the UK on construction specific issues. The UKCG is assisting the BIM Task Group from a supply chain perspective helping ensure that we are giving industry the necessary levels of BIM guidance and methods of dissemination. Regular review meetings are held with the UKCG BIM Working Group to help raise awareness and appraise Work Package outputs through the eyes of the supply chain. The UKCG BIM Working Group are also helping co-ordinating activities with product manufacturers and SMEs.

Construction Products Association

The Construction Products Association acts as a single voice for construction product manufacturers and suppliers. With 24 major companies and over 40 sector trade associations in membership, the Association represents over 80% by value of the £50 billion sector.  The Association is working with the BIM Task Group to ensure that product data is available for the design and build stages and that operational data can be fed back as necessary to manufacturers. Ensuring designers, contractors and facilities operators adopt open non-proprietary standards e.g. ISO and EN for all BIM data is crucial for manufacturers. Existing work includes working with NBS on the National BIM Library and the BIM Task Group on CoBie templates. At present BIM is part of the Association’s Technical Committee remit.

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