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The National Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (NIEP)

The National Improvement and Efficiency Partnership (NIEP) for the Built Environment is the national body that aims to shape the future of intelligent local government asset management, and procurement for building and highways projects across the UK.

Formed in September 2009, the NIEP aims to share best practice across the nine Improvement and Efficiency Partnerships. The NIEP is a unique organisation bringing together leading public sector practitioners and private sector through workstreams and strategic procurement arrangements.

NIEP Vision:

The NIEP  vision is for local government to become the most efficient and effective asset managers and procurers of construction. The NIEP facilitates delivery of improved value for money through developing both continuous improvement at a regional and national level, and a stronger voice for local government.

The NIEP is currently working alongside Central Government to try to align the NIEP vision and aims with the Government Construction Strategy. As part of this, the NIEP is currently in discussions looking to incorporate BIM trials across the regional partners.

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