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Scope of Services for Information Management

The role of Information Management is mandated in the BIM Protocol.  The Employer is required to name a party to deliver Information Management Services.

The Information Management role should be delivered as part of an existing appointment.  By defining the Information Management role, the CIC is describing the activities that are already required to deliver coordinated Project Information.  The CIC has taken the step to draft Information Management duties for the following reasons:

  • To describe the role mandated in the BIM Protocol
  • To describe a range of activity that is consistent with the requirements for the delivery of ‘data drops’ and the management of project information in accordance with PAS 1192:2
  • To motivate the development of Information Management skills in support of the BIM Strategy

The role has three principal components:

  • Managing the Common Data Environment
  • Project information management
  • Collaborative working, information exchange and project team management

None of the activities undertaken in the role of Information Management involve taking on design responsibility.  However, the role can be undertaken by a Project Team Member with design responsibility such as the Design Team Leader or Main Contractor.

Hosting Services associate with the common date environment are described as an additional service.

Two versions of the Scope of Services have been prepared.

  • Outline Scope of Services for Information Management.  This document is suitable for detailing the role in projects where each party has a discretely defined scope and appointment.  The scope is based on the general obligations of the coordinated services document.
  • Coordinated Scope of Services for Information Management.  This scope is compatible with the CIC Scope of Services.  The content in the schedule will be added to the CIC Scope at the next revision. This will be published shortly.
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