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March 16, 2016Tamara DaleNews

The BIM Task Group in association with the CPA, BIM4M2 and CIBSE are looking to develop a standardised process for the sharing of product data, including a plain language dictionary to enable both those requesting information, and those providing it (product manufacturers) with a common set of parameters relating to harmonised standards, other recognised industry documentation such as CIBSE Guide M and NRM3, and other industry agreed terms. The terms in this dictionary will then be available to create product data sets, and share data across other software platforms through the use of unique identifiers for each unique parameter. The dictionary and template tool will be freely available to industry through the CPA website by the end of April 2016. The dictionary will be mapped to the ISO Industry Foundation Classes.

We are seeking proposals from interested parties to provide a self-funding solution to host the dictionary and data sets tool, and enable their ongoing development through registered authors, and maintenance for a time period to be agreed, but no less than 1 year from launch. Please provide expressions of interest no later than 18th March 2016, with final proposals to be received no later than noon on 24th March, for review and final decisions to be made on 29th March with a kick-off meeting to be held on 30th March.

Interested parties will receive a copy of the draft product data standard that more fully describes the requirements of this activity no later than 18th March.

Whilst the focus here is initially on the UK market, the approach is developed to be scalable to an international context, enabled through mapping to the Industry Foundation Classes and internationally agreed terminology. This will also enable the flexibility to provide information in a format that a manufacturer is familiar with, and for it to be presented to the requester in a format they are familiar with.

For further details contact:  Steve Thompson

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