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PAS1192:2 FAQs

Q: Who should use it?

A: The intended audience for this PAS includes organizations and individuals responsible for the procurement, design, construction, delivery, operation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure assets:

  • Clients
  • Managers
  • Designers
  • Contractors
  • Trade Suppliers
  • Operators

Q: Is PAS 1192:2 suitable for use on all projects?

A: The approach set out in the PAS is applicable to firms of all sizes.   Poor information management and waste can affect projects of all sizes. The PAS includes advice as to how the process and methods described here can be implemented in a scalable fashion for smaller design practices.

Q:  Does PAS 1192:2 cover operations and maintenance issues?

A:  PAS 1192:2 is focused on the asset creation stage.  A separate standard, PAS 1192:3 is being prepared, detailing operations, maintenance and repurposing activities?

Q:  Does PAS 1192:2 cover all information management requirements on a project? 

A:  PAS 1192:2 covers information management associated with Building Information Models.  The PAS includes references to other standards including BS 1192 (2007) which should be used in connection with the production of conventional design information.

Q: How do I use it?

A: PAS 1192:2 provides a framework, from which a number of supplementary documents will provide detailed guidance. The requirements of the PAS need to be applied specifically to individual projects,  whereby commencing at the point of assessment (for existing assets) or statement of need (for new assets) and progressively working through the various stages of the information delivery cycle, the requirements within this PAS culminate with the delivery of the as-constructed asset information model (AIM). This is handed over to the employer by the supplier.

The PAS includes:

  • Taxonomy of terms
  • References to other relevant BSI standards, CPI guidance and other documents
  • Definitions for Process and Data needs
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Sources for Key Templates for documents referenced in the PAS
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