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GSL Champions – Questions to ask

These questions are generated to assist the person who adopts the tasks of the GSL Champion. They are to help the GSL Champion to ask the appropriate questions of the Client, the Construction team and the Operation team at each of the new government work-stages.

The questions have been generated by a very limited number of people. They are thus for comment and they are to be tested on early adopter projects in order to test their effectiveness in assisting the GSL Champion.

Questions that can be used by the Government Soft Landings Champion on a Building Project

These questions are developed for a building project but could be adapted to an infrastructure project.

There are three sets of questions – one set for the construction team, one set for the operation team and one set for the client team.

These questions focus upon the Environment, Economic and Social targets and measures as identified in the GSL Guidance.

These questions also focus upon the processes of Commissioning, Training and Handover together with the process of planning for the Facility Management as identified in the GSL Guidance.

The questions all assume three years of extended aftercare and performance evaluation.

The work stages are those adopted by the government client and align with the eight stages in the RIBA Plan of Work 2013. Other institutions are working to align with these stages.

The answers  are possible ways of addressing the questions but are not proscriptive.

Questions for the Construction Team

Questions for the Operations Team

Questions for the Client

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