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GSL Early Adopters

Following the launch of this website the early adopter projects will be listed as shown below to identify the project, the GSL activities being tested and the information exchange points (data drops) being trialled. Some projects might test all activities and data drops whilst others will test only a few activities and data drops.

The GSL Policy will be tested. Benefits and lessons learned will be identified and documented in separate case studies.

Early Adopter GSL Project Environment Functionality and Effectiveness Financial Commissioning, Testing and Handover Facilities Management COBie to CAFM data transfer Contract Implications
Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO)
New Build Head Office
Drops 4 to 5 Drops 4 to 5 Drops 4 to 5 Drops 4 to 5 Drops 4 to 5
DIO Accommodation Block Drops 4 to 5 Drops 4 to 5 Drops 4 to 5 Drops 4 to 5 Drops 4 to 5
Ministry of Justice (MoJ)
M&E Project
Drops 1 to 3 Drops 1 to 3
MoJ Refurbishment Project Drops 1 to 2 Drops 1 to 2 Drops 1 to 2
MoJ New Build Drop 5
MoJ – Kitchen Post Occupancy Evaluation Drop 5 Drop 5
National Measurement Office New Build Drops 1 to 3 Drops 1 to 3 Drops 1 to 3
Environment Agency – Flood AlleviationProject Drops 0-1 Drops 0-1 Drops 0-1
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