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Welcome to the BIM Task Group Commercial and Contractual Micro Site

From this site you can access a suite of project documentation prepared to enable projects to be set up effectively for Level 2 BIM.

  • BIM Protocol.  A universal addendum to appointment documents and construction contracts that puts in place additional rights and obligations associated with Building Information Models – includes guidance note and model contract amendment.
  • Employers Information Requirement.  A template setting out the information needed to define information and other client requirements for a project delivered using Building Information Models – includes guidance and pre-qualification documentation for consultants and contractors.
  • Scope of Services for Information Management.  A scope of services for Information Management activities that is designed to be appended to an existing appointment – e.g. Design Team Leader.  Information Management is referenced in the BIM Protocol and promotes the adoption of the Common Data Environment described in PAS 1192:2.  Versions have been prepared for use with stand-alone schedules of service and the CIC Schedules of Service.
  • PAS 1192:2. Building Information Modelling – Production information requirements for capital projects.  The standard for information exchange to meet BIM maturity level 2 – includes the BIM Implementation Plan and details of the Common Data Environment.  The PAS is published by the British Standards Institution.
  • Insurance Guidance Note.  Advisory note for insured parties prepared following consultation with the insurance industry

How the Documents work together

BIM project documents have been designed to be used as a suite and relate closely to one another.  The Employers Information Requirements is the source of most information required to compile the BIM Protocol, and the BIM Protocol requires the appointment of an Information Manager and encourages the adoption of the Common Data Environment and other aspects of PAS 1192:2.  By using the BIM commercial documents in combination, employers will benefit from greater efficiency and will encourage the adoption of collaborative behaviours that will further increase the value obtained from BIM.

Note:  The publisher makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and quality of information when it is published. However, it can take no responsibility for the subsequent use of this information, nor for any errors or omissions that it may contain.  Users of documentation downloaded from this site should consult with their commercial and legal advisers with respect to the correct application of the documents to specific projects.

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