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What is COBie UK 2012?

COBie is formal schema that helps organise information about new and existing facilities. It is general enough that it can be used to document both Buildings and Infrastructure assets. It is simple enough that it can be transmitted using a spreadsheet. It is means of sharing structured information, just like CDM and BIM.

Cobie flow diagram

Image courtesy of USACE ERDC

The Owners View

An owner may require the delivery of COBie  from the lead designer and/or lead contractor to support the timely delivery of information to support the management of the Facility.  A complete COBie should be expected at the time of Handover, but earlier interim deliveries can be used monitor the business case for the facility and to help plan for taking ownership.

The COBie information can be either be kept as delivered, or held in ordinary databases, or it can be loaded into existing Facility Management and Operations applications, either automatically or using simple copy-and-pasting.  The owner should be explicit about the purposes for which the information is required and about the timing and content of any interim deliveries.

The Designers and Contractors View

COBie allows the team to document their knowledge about a Facility in both its spatial and physical aspects. Spatially it can document the spaces and their grouping into floors/sectors and into other zones. Physically it documents the components and their grouping into product types and into other systems.  Usually the information needed to complete the COBie deliverable will be available already, either in your BIM models or in reports and  schedules and in other material prepared for handover.

Some information may be offered to you in unstructured formats (such paper and scanned documents), but you should arrange to obtain COBie information on specific aspects  from other team members and suppliers.

Download Example Files

“COBie-UK-2012 and an enhanced CIC 6 model” document, the template and example files (zip file) – COBie-UK-2012

(REVISED 31/07/12 with example data drops 1, 2a, 2b, 3 and 4)

Product Specifiers and Suppliers

COBie can be used to document product data to support the specification/selection/replacement process. If the client requirements include this, then the product Types should be given the specific attributes appropriate to that  Type.

There are currently 700 templates available in COBie, HTML, XHTML,  IFC and IFCXML formats at “COBie Type Templates

* COBie is freely available. The COBie standard is published (  and is defined as the FM Handover MVD  (  which contains  the terms of the COBie license. The COBie spreadsheet is a mapping of the FM Handover MVD as documented in the COBie responsibility matrix ( ).

The use of Excel or any particular proprietary format or software is not part of the COBie standard. The published xls template is available in XML and OpenOffice standard formats if requested.

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