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COBie – Data Drops for Standard MoJ Cell

The download displayed below shows a conceptual representation of a Data Drop for a dummy configuration of two cells. After each conceptual representation of a Data Drop for a Standard MoJ Cell, a series of screenshots show what the actual COBie file looks like and how it evolves. There are also extracts from the COBie file for the standard cells to show the actual content of each tab a COBie file.

Data Drop 1: Model represents REQUIREMENTS and CONSTRAINTS

Data Drop 2: Model represents OUTLINE SOLUTION

Data Drop 3: Model represents CONSTRUCTION INFORMATION


Data Drop 5 (and subsequent drops): Model represents POST OCCUPANCY VALIDATION INFORMATION and ONGOING O&M

Download data drop PDF file – COBie data drops 29.03.12

Note: Visually, the representation of the data drops sometimes differ not that much. This is because in essence the visual aspect of the design representation does not change that much. It is the underlying information that changes and grows. Therefore, we have highlighted the fundamental differences between the data drops for a basic cell configuration.

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