BIM Task Group

Building SMARTUK Technical Working Groups

BSUK have recently established three technical working groups based on

  1. COBie
  2. Level 3 (Integrated BIM)
  3. Infrastructure

The COBie meeting has taken place (September 12) and the second meeting will be during the end of January 2013.

Integrated BIM

Friday October 26th. Location BRE 10am/2pm

Scope: To develop road map for integrated (level 3) BIM and identify areas where further standardisation is required.

Document expected project contracts and processes. Also Non-contracted processes . Review of BS1192, PAS1192, responsibility, traceability, ownership of data. Prepare deliverables.

Invitees: buildSMART membership. Cardiff and Salford contacts, goverBIM, regBIM and 4BIM participants. BSRIA BG6 team.


(a) Requests to BS B/555

(b) Recommendations to buildingSMART international, particularly MSG and Excom

Duration twelve months .  Five main meetings. Sub groups in between.

Infrastructure Modelling

Friday November 23rd. BRE. 10am/2pm

Scope: To document the UK demand for infrastructure modelling,

Document existing workflows, formats, model structures and prepare deliverables.

Invitees: buildSMART membership.  BIMforRail group. HA participants.


(a)    Recommendations to buildingSMART international and ifc-Infra

(b)   Request to Universities to develop prototype IFC extension schema(s)

(c)    Quick win recommendations and approaches.

Duration nine months . Four main meetings, sub-groups in-between.

To attend contact –

COBie training

1 day course @ BRE Watford, November 19th                   

To book, contact – E T 01923 664829


Why attend?

  • The course provides a broad understanding of COBie
  • Key information is presented on how COBie will influence different aspects of your work
  • Overview of general concepts of COBie that involve all individuals in the life cycle of an asset.
  • Takes a hands-on approach to see how COBie works
  • Course is provided by the leading expert and developer of COBie, Nick Nisbet
  • Why BRE? View the BRE Training video

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie)

All individuals in the construction industry wishing to participate in public projects post 2016 will need to be confident and capable with Building Information Modelling. In order to meet this objective, stepping stones have been put in place. One of these stepping stones is the contractual demand for COBie.

COBie is a data schema for holding and transmitting information through to handover to support the client’s ownership and operation of a facility. The format of COBie is that it is a subset of IFC that can be represented in a spreadsheet or relational databases. One advantage of COBie is that it accommodates any unstructured input and any BIM information into a structured single-entry format. The final COBie can be exported in a variety of output formats or read directly into asset management and facility management.

Event Programme

  • Registration
  • Introductions, BRE, Day Plan
  • Background – introduction to what COBie is and how it fits in with the government’s plan for BIM.
  • COBie worksheet example – COBie worksheet dissected and explained
  • Class Exercise
  • Effect on the project lifecycle – Where does COBie sit in a typical project lifecycle
  • COBie discipline drops – Who provides what information for COBie
  • Flexible outputs for owners – How COBie can be tailored to supply owners with personalised outputs for handover; examples
  • COBie strategically – How COBie can change the running of a business; changing the exchange of information (recorded) at a management level
  • Discussion of benefits and roles
  • Closing remarks & Feedback

Intended audience

Design Architects
Specifiers and Product Manufacturers
Design Engineers
Members of the design team
Project Managers
Project Tender Teams
Contracting and Sub-contracting organisations
Commissioning and Handover experts
FM managers

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