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BIM4SMEs is a working group made up of individual organisations from different sector backgrounds within the industry, from: SME contractors, specialist sub-contracts, architects, FM providers and construction bodies etc. All these organisations are SMEs or have a key interest in ensuring SMEs are well informed and recognised for their advancing of Building Information Modelling within the SME Community.

The working group are keen to call upon those SMEs within the industry through numerous channels so we can address their learning and journey through understanding and implementing BIM within their businesses.

What BIM4SMEs want to help with:

  • Raise awareness of BIM within the SME marketplace
  • Ensure SMEs understand the requirements of Level 2 BIM relevant to their role in the supply chain and relative to the Govt data drops
  • Demonstrate the value proposition / business benefits to the SME: better efficiency, better information and better decision making
  • Make sure the SMEs understand the risks of doing nothing with regards BIM implementation
  • Help SMEs get ready for the Level 2 switch over: where they are and what next?
  • Produce simple guidance around the BIM process (PAS1992-2 and COBie Uk)
  • Ensure that guidance is in simple English and suitable to their business lens

BIM4SMEs is about you:

It is important for us to hear direct from those SMEs within the industry therefore if you are an SME and have any questions, queries or general topics you wish the BIM4SME group to address please contact us via the “contact” section of the website as below:

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