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The BIM Task Force and Technology Strategy Board collaborating to deliver Classification and the Digital Plan of Works

The UK BIM Task Force is working in partnership with the Technology Strategy Board, and the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS), to support the development of a ‘free to use’ digital tool.  This will reflect the: new Plan of Works, encompasses the publically available PAS 1192 standards, and uses the CPIC classification system to structure the data storage thus exploiting the publically available Level 2 standards being developed for BIM (Building Information Modelling)

The goal of the BIM Task Force is the creation of a ‘free to use’ digital tool to transform the procurement of buildings and infrastructure.  As well as transforming home markets, it will provide the UK with a global leadership position, and overseas growth opportunities. This digital tool will allow the cost of storing, sharing and analysing data to be reduced, provide greater inter-operability, allow new disruptive business models to emerge, reduce barriers to entry and allow smaller players to collaborate e.g. micro and SME firms.  It will also allow UK firms to gain a first-mover advantage over other nations in overseas markets.

Technology Strategy Board is currently developing a funding competition to support the BIM Task Force in procuring this digital tool.  The intention is to release details of this competition prior to Christmas 2013.

In order to develop a digital tool that meets the needs of industry the BIM Task Force plans to run a series of facilitated focused workshops.  The first of these workshops will take place on the 10th January 2014 at Business Innovation & Skills (BIS), Victoria Street, London.  The purpose of this session is to help understand where the market currently is in the use of classification, information, levels of information and the alignment of this information to business need.  This is to cover all existing analogue models, working prototypes and offerings from international markets.

In order to help develop a functional specification (brief) for the first stage of the competition we are calling for short presentations and papers from potential users and stakeholders of systems in use, their pros and cons and user experiences, including ease of use, functionality, capability and maintainability.

If you are interested in participating at this inaugural workshop or in submitting a paper please contact us at: by 20th December 2013

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