BIM Task Group

We have established our steering group to ensure that we have a good mix of industry representation and to enable us to actively engage with the many groups that will be impacted by Building Information Modelling.

 Our key focus is ensuring that BIM isn’t seen as just about Technology, but also about People and Processes and that the technology isn’t just about 3D Models, IFC and CObie. We have set out our Mission Statement below:

Mission Statement

To develop the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the Scottish built environment and to demonstrate the benefits that can be achieved through knowledge sharing, collaboration and best practice guidance


BIM will have a significant impact on all aspects of the Built Environment and our aim is to reach out to the many industry groups in Scotland to ensure that a common vision and goal is established and shared.

BIM HUB Scotland Outreach group

BIM Region Scotland Outreach group

Next Stages

The Working Group will begin to develop a BIM definition and to establish how the benefits of BIM can be achieved and to avoid the technical jargon that is confusing the industry. We want to ensure that the many stages of the Project Lifecycle are considered and how BIM can be used: from getting the client brief right, designing collaboratively, integrating sustainability, streamlining construction, considering lifecycle costs, reducing energy use, incorporating Soft Landings and efficient operation.

Our focus will include looking at the day to day use of BIM and how we can better use the tools we have to achieve the UK Government Construction Strategy goals and align these with Scottish Government Procurement.


If you are a Client, Contractor, Consultant, Sub-Contractor or SME and want to find out how you can be involved in the Scottish BIM Region, please contact

or find us on our Linkedin page .

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The BIM Task Group brings together expertise from industry, government, public sector, institutes and academia.
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