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With the HM Government strategy now gathering momentum the necessity for an informed and equipped workforce becomes a growing priority. Alongside this is the requirement on all HEI’s to respond to the changing need across industry, and although many programmes have begun to recognise this, the need for guidance and consistency has also come into focus. BAF was established in late 2011 to respond to this need and now includes the vast majority of HEI’s with an interest in this area.

The BIM Academic Forum (BAF) is a group of representatives from a large number of UK universities which has been formed to promote the academic aspects of BIM. In particular, BAF is focused on the development of a ‘BIM academic framework’; the essence of which is to propose a roadmap towards a longer-term vision of embedding BIM learning at the appropriate levels within ‘discipline-specific’ undergraduate and postgraduate education that facilitates the development of professionals with the relevant BIM knowledge considered necessary. Moreover, BAF has begun to breakdown and establish the potential learning outcomes requirements at Levels 4-7 of HEI education.


BAF has over 60 members from 30+ teaching centres across the UK and includes representation from the Republic of Ireland. Formed in late 2011, it operates under the following values / principles:


To foster integrated collaborative working on projects over the lifecycle of the asset through academic involvement and enhancement of BIM


To create a dynamic group to develop and promote the Training, Learning and research aspects of BIM through strong collaboration and cooperation


  • Focus on and elevate the T&L and Research aspects of BIM
  • Collective promotion of BIM (expand wider market not extend own market)
  • Establish open medium for communication thus sharing knowledge; experience; case studies; views, etc.
  • Collaboration for joint activities and research projects
  • Collective voice in both T&L and Research matters, so to contribute to policy issues, funding priorities and agenda setting
  • Attempt to minimise duplication, create standard practices while celebrating diversity 

“At this point in the evolution of the UK BIM strategy it is of increasing importance that our teaching institutions are equally well informed of the progress that is being made across those Government departments which are spearheading implementation on projects and across its asset base. The BAF has taken great steps by bringing together and providing a focus for UK academia. The agenda supports that of the BIM Task Group in promoting UK BIM adoption and leadership both home and abroad to ensure that the UK is at the vanguard on new, more efficient ways of working”   Professor David Philp Is Head of BIM at Mace and is currently Seconded in the Cabinet office as Head of BIM Implementation

Our report on embedding Building Information Modelling within the taught curriculum supported by the Higher Education Academy is now published and available here.

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The BIM Task Group brings together expertise from industry, government, public sector, institutes and academia.
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